Stella Benchmarks: Delivers In July delivered in July.

With meaningful improvements in delivery speed and package quality, topped all other online retailers’ customer service efforts, landing at the top of STELLA Monthly Benchmarks. Notably, the retailer improved its average time to deliver packages by two full days from the previous month. also led retailers in the Apparel/Accessories category for phone support with high scores for professionalism and issue resolution – meaning the retailer’s agents solved STELLAService Analysts’ questions in full.

Each month, STELLAService sheds light on the service performance of online retailers within their respective retail categories. The companies are measured across four service areas: Phone, Email, Shipping and Returns. Phone and Email are measured daily, while shipping and returns are measured across multiple orders. STELLAService Monthly Benchmarks are designed to provide consumers with guidance for smarter shopping and retailers with an independent, reliable benchmark for measuring and improving their customer service.

STELLAService Monthly Benchmarks includes companies covered by STELLAService with at least $100 million in revenue, as well as the 5 largest retailers in each of the 11 most popular customer categories.

Looking at combined scores for all four service areas in Benchmarks, the following companies were strongest overall:,,, and also appeared in June’s 10 best overall. definitely makes speed of reply a priority. The retailer was best-in-class across all retail verticals for response time to emails, averaging 10 minutes faster than its nearest competitor in the metric. The retailer was also fastest across all verticals at connecting customers to a live agent. was the only retailer in the Department Stores vertical with 100% issue resolution via phone. Additionally, the retailer has topped the phone support category eight of 10 months and the email category nine of 10 months.

Looking at all 100 companies included in STELLAService Monthly Benchmarks, the following were the best overall performers within the four service areas measured:

The full list of STELLA Monthly Benchmarks by retail category, plus analysis, are available at:

Reporting by Ty McMahan.

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