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7 Customer Service Quotes for Your Company to Live By

Here at Bright we’re fortunate to have the opportunity to regularly interview customer service experts, speakers, consultants, authors and more. In some cases these experts work within online retail, in others, their expertise spans multiple industries.

We’ve selected some of our top quotes from interviews and hope they provide you inspiration and guidance along the path to delivering great customer service.

1) “Providing great customer service in our technologically altered world isn’t a fundamentally different proposition than it was a decade ago, but it’s faster. More transparent. More twitchy. Unforgiving. Viral. Magnified. But still created by, and for, people. People are central on both sides of the service interaction.”

-Micah Solomon, Customer Experience Consultant and Speaker
Read our review of Micah Solomon’s latest book, High-tech, High-touch Customer Service, here.

2) “One of the struggles service has had is proving its value, but they were looking in the wrong direction. Customer service is one of the most data-rich departments in any company and they can use that to not only justify themselves as the hub for the customer relationship, but as the driver for future growth of the company.”

-Frank Eliason, Director of Global Social Media for Citi
Read our interview with Frank Eliason here.

3) “Excellence is a state of mind. If you want it and everybody knows you want it and you declare it. When you declare something the whole world watches. When you declare it employees notice. I get pretty excited about getting people riled up to be great, not average.”

-Lee Cockrell, former Executive Vice President of Operations, Walt Disney World Resort
Read a transcript of our conversation with Lee Cockerell here.

4) “When it comes to service, it’s not about a title. It’s not about how long you’ve been somewhere. It’s about stepping up and leading by example.”

-Shep Hyken, Customer Service Speaker and Expert
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5) “We have to do our very best and constantly improve because our customers deserve the best, and we want to provide that.”

-Rob Siefker, Director of the Customer Loyalty Team at Zappos
Watch our on-demand webcast recording with Rob Siefker here.

6) “While the online landscape is constantly changing, we think the root of a winning online shopping experience is offering the best in how we service our customers lifestyle needs through brand and style offerings, usability and customer service, which we are consistently evaluating and evolving to delight our men and women alike.”

-Darcy Penick, Chief Merchandising Officer for Shopbop and East Dane
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7) “Make a commitment to regularly get out from the desk and observe real customers and prospects interacting with the company and key competitors. That methodology will deliver key insights, reinforce humility and remind executives that quite often it’s the basic things done well that customers really care about.”

-Phil Terry, CEO, Creative Good and Co-author, Customers Included
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