StellaService Holiday Insights 2015

The 2015 StellaService Holiday Insights Report is now available, providing retailers with insights into both this year’s service trends and predictions for this holiday season and next year.

Last holiday season, the service winners outperformed the competition in a few key areas:

  • Staffing appropriately for an increase in call center volume on Cyber Weekend and through December
  • Moving Christmas cutoff shipping to a later date to capture more holiday revenue
  • Refunding orders more quickly to leave a lasting impression on shopper’s holiday experience with them

Retailers continue to push the envelope to provide better service. StellaService has identified a few key trends year over year from 2014 to 2015 within both customer care and fulfillment:

Customer Care

  • Growth In Live Chat Support: Several major retailers have launched live chat support, realizing the channel as an effective way for immediate communication with customers
  • Email Support Losing Favor: While email response speed has improved, many major retailers have disabled the support channel
  • Phone Response Speed Worsens: Customers are spending more time waiting to speak to customer service agents this year than in 2014


  • Refund Speed Improving: Retailers now provide refunds over one day more quickly than last year
  • More Agents Offering To Complete Transactions: Retailers are offering to complete transactions for customers via their call center more frequently, turning the call centers into a revenue stream
  • Improving The Omnichannel Experience: A majority of omni channel retailers now offer both in-store pickup and in-store returns for online orders, providing a better service experience by providing customers with more options

The full report is available for download here.

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