Video: Brooks Brothers on its 200-year Commitment to the Customer

Brooks Brothers has built a nearly 200-year-old brand on its commitment to the customer.As more of the company’s business moves online, Brooks Brothers is challenged with delivering the caring, attention to detail that customers have appreciated in physical locations.Michael Moseman, director of Brooks Brothers’ customer contact center, said his team’s philosophy is to be an extension of the in-store experience. Always looking for opportunities to improve, Moseman’s team began working with StellaService to uncover missed opportunities.

Moseman said the retailer has turned daily data on service performance on into actionable results for agents who are engaged in helping customers.

“As our issue resolution component has gone up, we’ve seen the repetitive calls and repetitive emails decrease,” Moseman said. “Any time you can reduce contacts and improve quality, you’re moving in the right direction.”


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