Black Friday – Cyber Monday Phone Support Study: L.L.Bean Answered Calls in 9 Seconds

During the busiest shopping weekend of the year, L.L.Bean’s customer care team connected shoppers to a live representative in an average of 9 seconds. The retailer had the fastest phone support among 40 major retailers tested in StellaService’s annual study of phone support from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

L.L.Bean, J.Crew, Saks Fifth Avenue and Amazon were the only retailers to rank in the top 10 performers for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the full four-day measure.

StellaService Analysts placed five calls at varied times each day to all 40 retailers. Measurements for Total Time To Live Agent include the time required to navigate an interactive voice response system (IVR). Calls were abandoned if analysts were forced to wait more than 20 minutes to be connected to a live agent.

Top Performers: Black Friday – Cyber Monday

  1. L.L.Bean – 9 seconds
  2. J.Crew – 25 seconds
  3. Saks Fifth Avenue – 34 seconds
  4. Lands’ End – 42 seconds
  5. Under Armour – 47 seconds
  6. Sephora – 51 seconds
  7. Amazon – 52 seconds
  8. Crate & Barrel – 52 seconds
  9. Estee Lauder – 53 seconds
  10. Neiman Marcus – 54 seconds

Top Performers: Black Friday

  1. L.L.Bean – 10 seconds
  2. Under Armour – 17 seconds
  3. J.Crew – 21 seconds
  4. Neiman Marcus – 26 seconds
  5. Saks Fifth Avenue – 27 seconds
  6. Lululemon – 27 seconds
  7. Lands’ End – 32 seconds
  8. Nordstrom – 40 seconds
  9. Crate & Barrel – 44 seconds
  10. Amazon – 47 seconds

Top Performers: Cyber Monday

  1. L.L.Bean – 6 seconds
  2. Lululemon – 27 seconds
  3. J.Crew – 33 seconds
  4. Saks Fifth Avenue – 39 seconds
  5. Amazon – 46 seconds
  6. Sephora – 51 seconds
  7. Estee Lauder – 51 seconds
  8. Wayfair – 52 seconds
  9. Gap – 54 seconds
  10. Nike – 54 seconds

Speed slowed across the board on Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday. The average of the top 10 on Black Friday was 29 seconds, compared to 41 seconds on Cyber Monday. Six retailers were under 30 seconds on Black Friday and only two under 30 seconds on Cyber Monday. The average of all retailers was almost a minute slower on Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday.

With some reports of website outages, it’s likely that contact centers saw increased volume from customers trying unsuccessfully to shop on site. For example, Best Buy’s widely publicized outage on Black Friday coincided with a 7.5 minute average wait time on the phone. The longest wait time for Best Buy was the morning of Black Friday when an analyst waited more than 17 minutes to get through. However, Best Buy managed to average four and a half minutes for the following three days.

About 4% of the 800 calls made by StellaService Analysts did not connect with an agent within 20 minutes.

“There’s been plenty of talk about a slowdown in store traffic during the weekend as more shoppers went online, but people may underestimate the impact that shift has on contact centers,” said Kevon Hills, StellaService vice president of research. “The data tells a great story about the retailers that forecasted those spikes in call volume and staffed accordingly.”

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