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Retailers Reach New Customers with Site Translations

¿Hablas español?

Even if you don’t, you probably have current and potential customers that do, which is why many major online retailers have launched Spanish language versions of their U.S. websites. From big-name mass merchants like Sears all the way down to the likes of, a company that sells “the original slip resistant shoe,” retailers have realized that it pays to have their site available in Spanish.

Last year, Internet Retailer found that users browsing’s Spanish website spent more time on the site than other users.

And when “para español, presione el número dos” is a standard option for phone interactions in customer service, it especially stands to reason that websites should offer the very same choice.

STELLAService rates the customer service performance of online retailers, taking into account aspects of the shopping experience that range from speed of refunds to quality of email responses. STELLAService also notices when stores have unique features that add to the customer service experience, like a website for primarily Spanish-speaking shoppers in addition to their main site.’s COO David Pujadas said his company is crowdsourcing the translation of its online store in multiple languages, including Spanish and Chinese. He believes that consumers shop differently on a clothing site compared to, for example, a housewares site, so the quality and focus of the translation need to represent those differences.

“We learned a lot and are now focusing more on representing the quality of the translations to make sure the terminology of fashion and trends is clear to customers,” Pujadas said.

Although it’s an important first step, offering a translated website is only the tip of the iceberg in this era of global ecommerce. According to Pujadas, “you have to back it up with social media and marketing presence in that language.”

So take note from herbal supplement retailers or toy experts Fisher-Price with their Spanish language sites and strategize a multi-lingual social media strategy that will give your clientes what they want.

Here’s a list of several retailers that offer translated versions of their U.S. websites:

[column width=”200px” padding=”10px”]Clothing, Shoes, and Apparel[/column] [column width=”200px” padding=”10px”]Vitamins and Supplements[/column] [column width=”200px” padding=”10px”]Electronics

Toys[/column] [end_columns]


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