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By the Numbers: StellaService Operations in 2013

StellaService’s data operations scaled up in a big way in 2013. Shopping ecommerce sites is all in a day’s work for StellaService Analysts, who stress-test customer service departments and order and receive products from thousands of online retailers. Our analysts placed nearly 12,000 orders in 2013. In doing so, our ultimate goal is to help online retailers deliver a better experience next time you’re visiting their stores.

We placed more than 100,000 calls and emails to customer service departments in 2013 to track metrics such as response time, professionalism, product knowledge and issue resolution.

In 2012, our analysts waited on hold for 25 days to reach a live agent on the phone. In 2013, that number nearly doubled to 49 days.

Jessica was the most popular customer service representative name we encountered over the phone in 2012 (186 times). In 2013, Stephanie was the most common CSR name, which we encountered over the phone 228 times over the course of the year.

To get a snapshot of our work in 2013, you can view the full infographic here.

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