The Omni-Returns Experience Part II

Last week, we outlined the four stages of customer interaction for the Buy Online Return In-Store (BORIS) experience, an excerpt from the StellaService Omni-Returns Experience Report. The report evaluates the ease, speed, and clarity of the BORIS experience across 25 major retailers.

“Our research clearly shows how dynamic retailers have been in their omnichannel offerings – building the infrastructure and capabilities to handle a growing number of multi-channel transactions,” said Kevon Hills, VP of Research at StellaService. “What’s more exciting is the huge opportunity BORIS creates for revenue growth. Retailers now have the opportunity to either save the sale or upsell customers in a way not previously available.”

As a growing number of retailers continue to make strong investments in and develop their omnichannel strategies, the report, with fieldwork conducted by ICC/Decision Services, underlines how and where retailers are falling short, and what is required to improve the omni-returns experience. Among the findings in the Omni-Returns Experience report issued today:

  • Associates did not pass our quality evaluation during 22% of experiences. Shoppers evaluated in-store associates on a number of performance metrics, and the failure of almost one in four interactions means an opportunity for retailers to better train its associates and streamline processes.
  • 40% of retailers offering BORIS did not consistently make the option clear to shoppers in packaging. Clear communication is the first step in the success of omnichannel offerings.
  • Shoppers took over a minute on average to locate the return area in-store. Lack of signage or confusing store layouts can turn what would be a simple process into a clumsy one.
  • Retailers missed the opportunity to save the sale or upsell 87% of the time. In addition to a better customer experience, BORIS offers retailers an opportunity to turn returns into sales by moving the interaction in-store. The vast majority of retailers evaluated did not seize this opportunity.

The full report can be found on StellaService.com here.

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