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Bonobos ‘Ninjas’ Chopping Through Busiest Day Ever

Bonobos Chief Executive Andy Dunn spent Monday morning answering customer service emails, while VP of Experience John Rote was handling a social media shift.

“We’ve got 99.9% of the company helping out with the effort in some way either on the phones, or going on coffee runs, or helping with the email queue, etc.,” Rote said in an email.

The STELLAService ELITE-rated retailer is on pace to post its busiest day ever for orders and service inquiries and has managed to keep average response time under an hour, Rote said. This follows a 2011 Cyber Monday snafu caused by overwhelmingly higher traffic that forced the company to take its site offline for days.

The men’s clothier, which dubs its service team members as “ninjas,” is also trying to bring some fun to its customer service dojo during the high-stress day. The company is having an internal contest to see who gets closest to guessing the number of calls, emails and orders received today. A live leaderboard is displayed in the office and hourly updates are announced over a loudspeaker to the soundtrack of Fox’s NFL Sunday theme.

The company is also tracking which “White Belt Ninja” (employees outside of the service department who pitch in on busy days) gets the highest email quality score.

Bonobos is also chronicling its Cyber Monday service efforts on a dedicated Tumblr page –

“All in all, the atmosphere at the office last night and this morning has been awesome,” Rote said.

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