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A 2012 Year In Review: STELLAService Placed 24,000 Customer Service Calls Last Year

For STELLAService, shopping is work. We spend every day ordering products and stress-testing your favorite retailers’ customer service. Our goal is to help those businesses deliver a better experience next time you’re visiting their online stores.

While shopping every day sounds like a dream job to some, STELLAService analysts also deal with the most frustrating parts on a daily basis – navigating IVRs, waiting on hold, researching shipping costs and filling out return slips.

Our evaluation process applies consistent, thorough and objective standards to each online store we rate. We look at more than 200 unique customer service metrics and features for each online retailer, and we engage each business over multiple time periods and across multiple geographical locations to generate measurements of service performance that have high reliability and construct validity.

So, as you can imagine, we place a lot of phone calls. We send a lot of emails. We know our UPS guy really well.

We took a look at our efforts in 2012 and found some fun stats. For instance, the most common customer service representative name we received was Jessica. Any guess how long our agents waited on hold last year? You can find that and more numbers behind our work to create a world with better service here.

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