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‘How Many Strands In A Pompom?’ and Other Memorable Requests From The Team At Fanatics

You’ve seen the Bleacher Creatures chanting in the outfield, the Cameron Crazies making the gym bounce and Oakland Raiders fans costumed like post-apocalyptic biker pirates.

These are the people who shop at

Devoted to their teams, this is often an emotional bunch. With that in mind, the service team at Fanatics always aims to play like a champion, delivering fan-friendly service and a great customer experience.

Bright visited with members of the STELLAService EXCELLENT rated service team about a couple memorable encounters with sports fans and efforts of above-and-beyond service.

Chrisanna Prescott, Customer Experience Specialist

The customer service team received a glass clock that was damaged. Unfortunately the item was out of stock. Quick-thinking Chrisanna took the time to check with one of the company’s physical stores and was able to locate the same clock in perfect condition. Arrangements were made and the item was shipped from the physical store to the customer.

“We’re all empowered to take care of customers,” Chrisanna said. “It’s non-scripted. It’s just about taking care of customers.”

Erin Fernandez, Service Recovery Team Lead

The caller asked, “How many plastic strands are in a pompom?”

“It’s definitely one of the top most unusual questions we’ve received,” Fernandez said.

But, guess what Fernandez did after receiving that request? She marched over to the warehouse, plucked a pompom and started counting. And, now she knows, each pompom has 300 strands.

James Carr, former Customer Experience Specialist and current Sales Control Accountant

Fanatics is a destination for all your NFL gear, whether you want a Giants jersey, a Steelers cooler or a Cowboys dog collar.

Just before last year’s NFL season opened, Fanatics received a special request for the jersey of an NFL rookie that wasn’t available on the site.

“Come to find out, the player was actually the woman’s son,” Carr said. “She was flying in for the first game and the whole family wanted jerseys.”

James wanted to help. He did a little research and found a way to have the jerseys custom made and delivered in time for the game.

“This was a special time for the family,” James said. “It goes to show you that customer service impacts people’s lives.”

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